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About Bed Bugs
If you really want to know how to get rid of bed bugs, it helps to know your opponent...
There are many different species of bed bug, but one species in particular has adapted to living alongside people. The scientific name is Cimex lectularius, but it is known simply as the common bed bug. The common bed bug is found all over the world due to their adaptability and the ease at which they can spread in clothing and linens. There has been a serious rise in bed bug infestations in the Cincinnati are in recent years.

Bed bugs live in cracks and crevices in and around matresses, bed frames, and box springs, but will also spread to other areas of the house as well. They come out of their hiding places at night to suck blood from the sleeping victim. Bites are typically painless and often go unnoticed. If there is no host available, bed bugs have been documented to go  up to a year or more without feeding. 

An adult bed bug lives for less than a year, and during that time a female will usually lay about 5 eggs a day in various locations around and away from your bed - about 500 eggs over the course of her life. You can clearly see why you want to put the brakes on an infestation as soon as possible!

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Bite Symptoms
Bed bug bites are similar to mosquito bites and usually appear as a reddened and itchy raised bumps on the skin in rows of 3 or more. The bites often appear as rows because bed bugs are sensitive to movement, and when disturbed while feeding the bug may stop, move a short distance, and resume feeding. Because of this behavior, one bug can be responsibe for multible bitesin a single evening. Another reason bites may apprear in rows is because bugs may be feeding together along lines caused by clothing or the fold of a sheet. Bed bug bites cannot be diagnosed by a doctor, and if a bed bug infestation is suspected a trained inspector should be brought in for a thorough examination.

Adult Bed Bug

Identification of Bed Bugs
Adult bed bugs are small, flat, brown insects less than 1/4 inch long. They are oval shaped and are about the same width and length. Young bedbugs (nymphs) look like the adults, but are much smaller and light colored instead of brownish. Eggs and newly hatched bed bugs are very small, translucent, and difficult to see without magnification. Immature bedbugs can appear bright red in color after feasting on a blood meal.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Entymolygist and bed bug expert Jeff White talks about what to do about an infestation and what you should do to get rid of bed bugs for good.

Jeff and Bed Bug Central are great sources of information when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs and general pest control. Be sure to watch the following video demonstrating a heat treatment just like Baked Bed Bugs would perform to get rid of bed bugs at your home:

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Demonstration


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