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Your home should be a place of rest and relaxation, but as anyone who has experienced an infestation of bed bugs or any other creepy-crawly critters, that becomes next to impossible.


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Pest CSI and our heat division of Baked Bed Bugz is on the cutting edge of technology for getting rid of bed bugs and all other household pests. We approach every problem with an intense treatment and inspection. Our No-Low Prep Protocol was designed by the leading research and development company in the industry, Bed Bug Central. We want to be able to get in your home immediately and start treatment. Other companies will tell you to wash and dry all your clothes, which is time restrictive and costly. With our protocol, this type of action could spread the problem or provide a chance for a re-infestation. Pest CSI technicians will address about 90% of the bugs on the first visit. In between follow up treatments, a survey should be completed so we can address the dwelling accordingly. The next step is the control period, when we rely on detection devices and the clients to determine if the bugs are gone. Many companies will give you the warranty at that point, but this transitional period can be very critical in finally achieving Elimination. The Elimination lasts 90 days, which all together gives you 150 days free of the little buggers. Also, the Verifi™ units will be key in attracting any new or existing bugs and can give you the reassurance of a bed bug free home forever. Verifi™ units are available as part of a proactive approach to the detection of bed bugs in your home, office, hospitals, senior care facilities, and schools. With its bait, lure, and trap design, even a lay person can detect a problem. Year round defense against bed bugs! The key to Elimination is Early Detection.

Why Heat Treatment?

Baked Bed Bugz LLC can do a heat treatment combined with chemical pesticides or natural products. Heating the home is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs once and for all. It is well documented that some bugs can develop a resistance to chemicals over time, and not all poisons are effective against the eggs. One thing is for sure though, they can't take the HEAT! We use portable commercial heaters and high-speed fans to bring the ambient temperatures of the home or apartment up to the “kill temperature”. Once we have reached the effective kill temperature, we hold it there for the necessary length of time to ensure the heat kills all the bugs - including the eggs. This treatment is so effective that we can usually finish the treatment with one application in one day. Pesticides only work where you spray them, but HEAT creeps into every crack and crevice, and into every thread of carpet and bedding; something pesticides alone can't do. We follow up bed bug heat treatments with a pesticide application for a one-two punch the bed bugs can't recover from, leaving you safe to enjoy your home once again.

That Sounds Great, How Soon Can You Get Here?

Fast!We know that any time spent infested with bed bugs or other undesirable pests is an eternity. We are dedicated to providing the fastest service around so you can get your life back to normal as quick as possible. We can usually complete your bed bug treatment weeks ahead of the competition. We proudly serve Ohio, eradicating bed bugs from homes and spreading good cheer and sanity wherever we go! We are based out of Cincinnati.

How much will this cost me?

We have bed bug treatments down to a science and pass the savings on to you. Since it can be tricky to estimate over the phone we prefer to visit the home for the

No-Low Prep treatment. Most Heat Treatment applications are only $1 per square foot of area to be treated, and the application can be completed in one day. That's it. No more bed bugs. To get a rough estimate of the price, measure in feet and multiply the length of the rooms to be treated by the width. That is your square footage, and the approximate cost of the treatment.

General Pest Control

Pest CSI provides conventional chemical-based pest control and Integrated Pest Management techniques(IPM) that will lessen the impact on the environment and your family. Call today to schedule an estimate and yearly treatments.

 My wife and I would like to say THANK YOU for not only totally eradicating our bed bug infestation (All while I was in the hospital having knee surgery). But also, for walking us through the process step by step, and ensuring the safety of our five children and our cat before you treated with safe and effective heat. Then coming back to follow up with traditional methods two more times to ensure a total kill. It is extremely reassuring to know that we all can sleep peacefully at night once again. I would recommend and encourage anyone that has a bed bug problem to call you for a safe, prompt economical solution to their problem. Thank you once again.
 Wayne and Kristy
(Hamilton, Ohio)


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